There’s a new USB-UART chip in town

I love Hackaday. I read it almost every day. Yesterday I a blog post caught my eye and I wanted to share it.   Most of the time if you want to add a USB interface to your project, you’ll have to get an FTDI chip, or one of those similarly operating knockoffs. But those chips require additional external circuitry that you may not want to fool with (I know I don’t). This Hackaday blog post introduces a neat little chip, the CH330.…

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Build Your Own: Clean Boost Guitar Pedal Part 2

The parts have arrived! It’s time for assembly. PCB and Parts are here! The printed boards from OSHPARK arrived recently and so did the components. Below is a list of the components I selected for this board. Item Mfg Qty Description Enclosure Hammond 1 Aluminum enclosure for stompbox Resistors Elegoo 1 525 pack of assorted resistors from 0-1M Diodes MclgclM 1 100 pack of assorted diodes DC Barrel Jack ThreeBulls 1 12 pack of 5.5mm x 2.1mm Op-amp Fairchild 10…

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Build Your Own: Clean Boost Guitar Pedal

I’ve always wanted to build a guitar pedal from scratch. Why not start with the easiest of all: a clean signal booster   In this series, I will detail how I have built my own clean boost guitar pedal. I will detail the schematic, what parts are chosen, the circuit stages, and how they operate, as well as following through to the finished product. The Beginning A clean boost guitar pedal should accomplish a few things: Take an AC signal…

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