Take notes using Joplin

The hunt for a self-hosted notes system To be honest, I love self-hosting tools. I think it has to do with my love of learning, but I digress. I know there are gobs of note-taking/sharing/synchronizing apps out there, many of them free, but they all lacked features, and I wanted to self-host. What I Was Looking For I wanted a note-taking app, with the following capabilities: Self-hosted Synchronization across devices E2EE (end-to-end encryption) Rich media note-taking ability Markdown style note-taking…

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SpeedCrunch: the better cross-platform calculator

I often find myself using a calculator in my day job to convert large numbers between base-10 and hexadecimal. Windows’ built-in calculator can do it, but painfully. Linux Mint’s calculator is better, but only marginally so. Enter SpeedCrunch. SpeedCrunch is so incredibly feature-packed, and has such an intuitive interface, that I could hardly believe that it’s a free tool! Working with numbers Using the built-in functions hex and bin, numbers are easily converted into various representations. Very useful for programmers.…

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