Presenting…. The MIDI Control Surface (Rev. A)

Hi all! I’ve finally gotten around to posting the pics of the MIDI control service project I was working on. Here are the details on this guy: Total Cost to Build: ~$60 if you count the hot glue gun, $45 ish if you don’t Total Time to Build: ~A month of planning, a weekend of building, a few weeks of tweaking software How’s it made? The guts This project has the following components: 1 wooden cigar box from a hobby…

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I’ve been busy working, but I’ve started a side project

Hi folks! It’s been a long while since my last post. I’ve been working like crazy and preparing for my wedding! I have picked up a side project however. I wanted to learn about how a multitasking kernel does its thing at the basic level. So I grabbed an ATMEGA328P and built a little kernel for myself. You can go explore it at┬ámy GitHub repo. Introducing littleKernel As the name implies, it is a little kernel. I’ve built this little…

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