There’s a new USB-UART chip in town

I love Hackaday. I read it almost every day. Yesterday I a blog post caught my eye and I wanted to share it.   Most of the time if you want to add a USB interface to your project, you’ll have to get an FTDI chip, or one of those similarly operating knockoffs. But those chips require additional external circuitry that you may not want to fool with (I know I don’t). This Hackaday blog post introduces a neat little chip, the CH330.…

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Better Systems Management Through COTS Technology

The concept of computing has been around almost as long as the mathematics from which it derives its usefulness. The world of computing as we know it today only began in the last century or so, and really only since the invention of the bipolar transistor. Fast-forward to the modern era of computing wherein we have unfathomable computing power surrounding us daily. Computing platforms and the related technology is driving advancement in every industry across the globe. From research to…

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Be An Engineer

Tonight while taking a study break from cramming for a Data Structures and Algorithms exam, I ran across this exceptionally interesting site called The movement is funded by ExxonMobil and supported by an array of various engineering associations and institutions that are pushing for expanded engineering education. The site contains all sorts of information on multiple engineering fields as well as the stories of some of the most famous innovators of our time. I agree wholeheartedly with this mission of advancing the…

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