It’s Been a While!

I’ve not posted in a few months, mainly because I’ve been extremely busy! Here’s what I’ve been up to recently. School I just finished up the semester and finals were rough, but I came out with great success. I really enjoyed a few of my classes. Namely, Computer Architecture, where I studied how the MIPS32 ISA was designed, and then implemented several hardware versions of it. The second best class was Digital Systems Design where I was introduced to VHDL and was able…

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A Quick Intro to AC Motors and Generators

Earlier today I was looking around the web for some basic information on AC generators. I am a Computer Engineering major, so my courses only very briefly cover electro-mechanical systems. I’ve been wanting to create a windmill generator, mainly just to see if I can make something useful. I came upon this 1961 US Army training video on AC motors and generators and found it to be extremely informational. It also has a quick review at the end in case…

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