Hi and welcome to my website! I created this site to serve as a portal to academic, professional, and personal information about me, to showcase some of the the things I’ve been working on recently, and to provide an avenue of contact. You can contact me through this site by clicking the contact link above, or through any of the social outlets linked in the side bar. This site houses a blog of various topics as well. My blog contains a variety of topics from programming and tech to music and art. I also host a custom bug tracking and git integration system that is used to collaborate on various projects hosted at GitHub and this server. Some of my recent projects are located on the Projects page and my résumé can be downloaded here . If you are browsing this site using the HTTPS protocol, you will notice that the certificate is signed by Let’s Encrypt!. If you’re not familiar with this service, you should go check them out. They’re helping secure the internet one site and cert at a time!
Thanks for visiting!