Pickin’ On Series

I was poking around YouTube and found a great channel and project, you should check them out!   The┬áPickin’ On channel is filled to the brim with great acoustic bluegrass interpretations of some of the best songs around. From Nirvana, to The Guess Who, to Lynyrd Skynard, they’ve done it all! Check out one of my faves:  

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Build Your Own: Clean Boost Guitar Pedal Part 2

The parts have arrived! It’s time for assembly. PCB and Parts are here! The printed boards from OSHPARK arrived recently and so did the components. Below is a list of the components I selected for this board. Item Mfg Qty Description Enclosure Hammond 1 Aluminum enclosure for stompbox Resistors Elegoo 1 525 pack of assorted resistors from 0-1M Diodes MclgclM 1 100 pack of assorted diodes DC Barrel Jack ThreeBulls 1 12 pack of 5.5mm x 2.1mm Op-amp Fairchild 10…

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New MIDI protocol extension paves way for “significant expansion”

The Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI) spec has been around since the early 1980s. The introduction and wide adoption of the standard has allowed multitudes of musicians, musical enthusiasts, hackers, programmers, and geeks/nerds of all varieties to create, modify, update, and generally hack this awesomely simple protocol into many instruments and tons of other stuff (see these crazy but cool MIDI interfaces). A New Spec These days the MIDI spec can be be found implemented on tons of hardware, from…

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