About Me

My name is Jacob Calvert and I am an Engineer.

I currently work for Wind River Systems as a Field Application Engineer in the Aerospace & Defense sector. I graduated in May 2016 from The University of Alabama with a degree in Electrical Engineering and Mathematics with a focus in Embedded Systems.  You can find out more about my professional and academic profile by downloading my résumé or if you have specific questions you can contact me by clicking the contact link above.

I love to build things, and to learn new things while doing it. I’ve always got a project going on, most of the time multiple projects in multiple disciplines. Recently, I have been doing a lot with virtualization on the software side, motivated by my day job, embedded development, motivated by my love to build things, and woodworking, because I find immense satisfaction in building something with my own hands. 

I am extremely self-motivated and work best when I am stretching my abilities for a goal. I love a good challenge. I love to program for fun and always have several projects in progress. Check out my posts or the projects page for my recent projects.