Amateur Radio

Docker Builders for Easy Updates

One of the most frustrating things for me is when a new version of a software is released with a fix, feature, or otherwise useful addition I’d like to use, but the package maintainers for my Linux distro haven’t caught up yet. Some of the packages are so far behind it’s silly. I recently decided that for software I use regularly, and is updated regularly, I was going to start using a Docker container to build it and keep my…

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Why the Alinco DR-735T can’t transmit at 9600bps

The Alinco DR-735T is a very capable, dual band, dual VFO, full duplex, cross-band repeat capable radio, with an industry standard mini DIN TNC connector on the back for working packet. While I was reading about the capabilities of this radio in its manual, I noticed that it can received 9600bps packet radio, but can only transmit up to 4800bps. The reason why was not intuitively obvious to me upon first glance at the radio’s specifications, so I went deeper…

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