Build Your Own: Clean Boost Guitar Pedal Part 2

The parts have arrived! It’s time for assembly. PCB and Parts are here! The printed boards from OSHPARK arrived recently and so did the components. Below is a list of the components I selected for this board. Item Mfg Qty Description Enclosure Hammond 1 Aluminum enclosure for stompbox Resistors Elegoo 1 525 pack of assorted resistors from 0-1M Diodes MclgclM 1 100 pack of assorted diodes DC Barrel Jack ThreeBulls 1 12 pack of 5.5mm x 2.1mm Op-amp Fairchild 10…

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Build Your Own: Clean Boost Guitar Pedal

I’ve always wanted to build a guitar pedal from scratch. Why not start with the easiest of all: a clean signal booster   In this series, I will detail how I have built my own clean boost guitar pedal. I will detail the schematic, what parts are chosen, the circuit stages, and how they operate, as well as following through to the finished product. The Beginning A clean boost guitar pedal should accomplish a few things: Take an AC signal…

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A Quick Intro to AC Motors and Generators

Earlier today I was looking around the web for some basic information on AC generators. I am a Computer Engineering major, so my courses only very briefly cover electro-mechanical systems. I’ve been wanting to create a windmill generator, mainly just to see if I can make something useful. I came upon this 1961 US Army training video on AC motors and generators and found it to be extremely informational. It also has a quick review at the end in case…

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