Neural Networks and How They Work

AI or Artificial Intelligence has been making headlines the world over the past few months. It’s time we all learn a little about how AI began and what role neural networks plays.   Artificial intelligence, also sometimes referred to as machine intelligence (MI), is a burgeoning field of Computer Science which has ties to many, many other fields. AI is the application of neural networks in various forms to allow a machine to imitate or give the impression of natural…

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Reliably identifying discrete colors from an RGB color sensor

For my Capstone Design project, one of my many tasks was to identify discrete colors on painted blocks (red, green, blue, yellow) using a the¬†TCS34725 color sensor. I configured the color sensor to pass back four 16-bit integers representing the RGB and Clear color values of the reflected object that the sensor is “looking” at. Initially, I tried a simple linear matrix equation to map the input RGBC values to RGBy output numbers. I then took the highest output value…

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