Enterprise Service Buses and Middleware

Distributed computing is the new norm.   Multi-service architectures surround us daily. Our computing needs are served from many different independently operated services, and all implemented using different underlying technologies. When these independent units bring only one small service or set of services, it is called a microservice. While there is still some industry discussion about the exact properties of a microservice, one thing can be agreed upon: microservice-based systems enforce modular design by default. This begs the question, if…

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SpeedCrunch: the better cross-platform calculator

I often find myself using a calculator in my day job to convert large numbers between base-10 and hexadecimal. Windows’ built-in calculator can do it, but painfully. Linux Mint’s calculator is better, but only marginally so. Enter SpeedCrunch. SpeedCrunch is so incredibly feature-packed, and has such an intuitive interface, that I could hardly believe that it’s a free tool! Working with numbers Using the built-in functions hex and bin, numbers are easily converted into various representations. Very useful for programmers.…

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Introducing WebPHP, a(nother) PHP framework

I’ve been working on a new project lately and I’m calling it WebPHP. I wanted something that operated somewhat like Tornado for Python.. but in PHP. I essentially wanted some framework that could simply be dropped onto the root of a hosted server from GoDaddy or the like, and a developer could immediately map URLs using a regex-like syntax to handler classes. I found some other frameworks to do this, but a lot of them seemed tightly coupled to a…

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