Kernel Design: Microkernel vs. Monolithic

Motivation This hotly debated topic has been around for decades, and it is just as alive today as it was 28 years ago. The truth is, there are fundamental differences in the theory which drives the design of a monolithic kernel versus a microkernel. In this post, I will extrapolate from my knowledge of various kernel designs to explore what these two primary types are, what their features, benefits, drawbacks and implications may be. I’ll also briefly explore the extension…

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Presenting…. The MIDI Control Surface (Rev. A)

Hi all! I’ve finally gotten around to posting the pics of the MIDI control service project I was working on. Here are the details on this guy: Total Cost to Build: ~$60 if you count the hot glue gun, $45 ish if you don’t Total Time to Build: ~A month of planning, a weekend of building, a few weeks of tweaking software How’s it made? The guts This project has the following components: 1 wooden cigar box from a hobby…

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