Hacking a Smart Outlet

IoT Everywhere Everything, and I mean everything is “smart” these days. Everyone has heard of the Internet of Things, and we are living through the emergence of some incredibly revolutionary connectivity. Some pretty cool and useful concepts have come out of it, admittedly, but there’s also some drawbacks. I really enjoy the idea of having smart outlets that I can command with my voice, and there are outlets-a-plenty on Amazon, but can I trust them? I’ve decided to use my…

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Raspberry Pi B+: my setup story

Since I’m the nerdy type, I’ve been wanting to play with some of these development boards like the RPi and Arduino for quite a while now. I hadn’t bought any single platform but for Christmas this year, I got a Raspberry Pi B+. I bought some accessories for it from Amazon and had them ship post-haste! I bought a 2A power supply, an Edimax EW-7811Un USB Wireless b/g/n nano adapter, a Cobbler-T breakout panel, and a 32GB µSD card. I…

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