A New Certificate Provider in Town

There’s a new SSL/TLS certificate provider in town, and I think you should go check them out. Let’s Encrypt is a group run by the Internet Security Research Group (ISRG) and funded by the biggest names in tech. Mozilla, Chrome, Cisco are all on board to name a few. Let’s Encrypt is a fully automated Certificate Authority (CA) that can help server admins and owners secure their client’s communications. It uses the ACMEv1 and ACMEv2 protocol to achieve certificate creation, retrieval,…

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Public Key Cryptography

In this post I will try to describe how public key cryptography works. Specifically, I will be using a watered down version of the Diffie-Hellman Key Exchange method for my examples of public key cryptography. Public Key Exchange The issue with sharing private keys is that there is no security in the transport of private keys. Public key exchange systems work around this by having two keys known as the Public Key and the Private Key. The two keys are used together to…

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