Enterprise Service Buses and Middleware

Distributed computing is the new norm.   Multi-service architectures surround us daily. Our computing needs are served from many different independently operated services, and all implemented using different underlying technologies. When these independent units bring only one small service or set of services, it is called a microservice. While there is still some industry discussion about the exact properties of a microservice, one thing can be agreed upon: microservice-based systems enforce modular design by default. This begs the question, if…

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Build Your Own Router – Part 2

BYOR part deux Hello all! I’m back again with part two of the Build Your Own Router Series! In this post, we’re going to do the following: Talk about our proposed network architecture Set up our interfaces Set up a DHCP server and define our subnets Define some subnet ranges for our devices Set up some DHCP reservations Set up a DNS cache server Set up some basic iptables rules and forwarding What you must have before this point You…

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Build Your Own Router – Part 1

Hi all, Since many folks these days are talking about VPNs and improving their online security, I thought I’d write a series on my approach to this. In this series, I want to cover the following: Why would you build a router to improve your privacy? What are the basic skills needed for building your own router? What hardware is needed? What software is needed? What does all this effort buy me? I’ll address these questions and more as I…

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