July Update

I’ve not written for a while because I’ve been crazy busy recently. I have started a new internship and moved cities to work. But I’ve also been working on a ton of other things as well. Recently, I have been reading the OSDev Wiki and trying my hand at OS development. I am slightly cheating by using an i686 emulator from QEMU and GRUB to boot me into real mode, but I am writing everything else from scratch. I’ve found the most…

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Diving into Java (updated)

I have never been heavily exposed to programming in Java, though I’m an Android person. I recently began reading online course material about programming in Java, and specifically, programming with the Swing GUI library. I had a need for a simple application to store information about ICs and other electronic components I have in my possession, so I thought I’d give Java a try! After figuring out Eclipse’s designer windows and GUI editing helpers, I was able to create an…

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