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Raspberry Pi

JTAG On the Cheap with the FTDI FT232R

JTAG 101 What is it? JTAG stands for the Joint Test Action Group, and the TAP or Test Access Port this group defined is one of the most (if not the most) common way to program and debug embedded devices and computers of all flavors. For the professional, JTAG devices are bountiful and usually not too much of a strain on the commercial budget. But for the hobbyist, things aren’t so peachy. A Segger J-Link EDU can be had for…

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Building a Customized Linux Image for Raspberry Pi with Yocto + Docker Support

Motivation I recently stumbled upon HypriotOS while looking for Docker-ready distributions for my Raspberry Pi 3B+. I flashed this onto and SD card and started playing around with it. It works incredibly well, but I noticed that it was built for armv7l which is a 32-bit implementation. Since the Raspberry Pi 3B+ has a 4x core Cortex-A53 which is 64 bit, I wanted to make use of the 64 bit processor! I’ve worked with Yocto before (in fact, my day…

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Raspberry Pi B+: my setup story

Since I’m the nerdy type, I’ve been wanting to play with some of these development boards like the RPi and Arduino for quite a while now. I hadn’t bought any single platform but for Christmas this year, I got a Raspberry Pi B+. I bought some accessories for it from Amazon and had them ship post-haste! I bought a 2A power supply, an Edimax EW-7811Un USB Wireless b/g/n nano adapter, a Cobbler-T breakout panel, and a 32GB µSD card. I…

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Raspberry Pi and GPIO updates

I’ve been playing with my RPi fairly frequently as of late. I ordered some tactile switches, motors, and motor controllers from AdaFruit and since they came in I’ve been learning to control motor speed, direction, and LED brightness using soft-PWM. I quickly learned that I would want a class to wrap up all the GPIO sets/gets. I’ve been writing a package in Python which I’m calling RPiComponents containing the basic interfaces necessary for controlling the GPIO pins in an object-oriented…

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