I love Hackaday. I read it almost every day. Yesterday I a blog post caught my eye and I wanted to share it.


Most of the time if you want to add a USB interface to your project, you’ll have to get an FTDI chip, or one of those similarly operating knockoffs. But those chips require additional external circuitry that you may not want to fool with (I know I don’t). This Hackaday blog post introduces a neat little chip, the CH330. This is a barebones chip which takes power, ground, D+, D- and renders a TX/RX pair on the other side for your project. A couple of problems arise however. All the data sheets you can find as of this time are in Chinese, but Google translate does an okay job of translating them. Also, I couldn’t find them for sale yet on AliExpress, which is where I expect to see them first. Go over to the Hackaday article for all the juicy details about this new-to-market chip and how you can incorporate it into your next design.