Kernel Series: Introducing LμKOS, the Learning Microkernel Operating System

Some may recall a post I wrote a few weeks ago on the differences between microkernel and monolithic kernel operating systems. The motivation for that post had started months ago when I decided to write a microkernel OS from scratch to bolster my understanding of these systems, and generally just to enjoy a hobby of mine; besides, I had a ton of new free time (thanks COVID-19). I’ve been working on a project I’ve called LμKOS (pronounced “Lucas” like the…

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July Update

I’ve not written for a while because I’ve been crazy busy recently. I have started a new internship and moved cities to work. But I’ve also been working on a ton of other things as well. Recently, I have been reading the OSDev Wiki and trying my hand at OS development. I am slightly cheating by using an i686 emulator from QEMU and GRUB to boot me into real mode, but I am writing everything else from scratch. I’ve found the most…

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