LμKOS Process Management

This post will detail the LμKOS Process Manager’s (PM) subsystem and what makes it tick. The format of this post will roughly follow the previous post for consistency’s sake. The terms here will refer to the terms in the previous post, so hop back there for cross reference. Definitions Term Acronym Definition Thread – A single execution context in one Address Space, and contains associated properties (discussed below) Process – A collection of Threads which all reside in the same…

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Multicore Processor Modes of Operation

Multicore processors were first introduced in the early 2000’s, and were pervasive in common computing platforms by the 2010’s. The industry started with dual core chips, and then quad core, and now we are up to 48 cores! When the hardware industry brought multicore chips to fruition, the software community had to invent new ways to utilize those additional cores. I’d like to use this post to discuss a few of the common multicore software utilization schemes or modes and…

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