LμKOS Virtual Memory Management

This post will detail the design of the Virtual Memory Management subsystem of the LμKOS kernel. You’ll note that this post follows along with the virtual memory manager design doc. That said, let’s begin! First, Some Definitions I’ll be using several terms and acronym in this post that are not necessarily ubiquitous, and want to make sure I define them so it’s easy to understand. Term Acronym Definition Virtual Address VA An address which represents a resource in a computing…

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July Update

I’ve not written for a while because I’ve been crazy busy recently. I have started a new internship and moved cities to work. But I’ve also been working on a ton of other things as well. Recently, I have been reading the OSDev Wiki and trying my hand at OS development. I am slightly cheating by using an i686 emulator from QEMU and GRUB to boot me into real mode, but I am writing everything else from scratch. I’ve found the most…

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