Building a Customized Linux Image for Raspberry Pi with Yocto + Docker Support

Motivation I recently stumbled upon HypriotOS while looking for Docker-ready distributions for my Raspberry Pi 3B+. I flashed this onto and SD card and started playing around with it. It works incredibly well, but I noticed that it was built for armv7l which is a 32-bit implementation. Since the Raspberry Pi 3B+ has a 4x core Cortex-A53 which is 64 bit, I wanted to make use of the 64 bit processor! I’ve worked with Yocto before (in fact, my day…

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Turning my Hallway Closet into a Drop Zone: Gallery

Genesis of a Project In our new house, we had a hallways closet that was massive. It was very deep, and fairly wide, but had low overhead, due to the stairs passing above it. My wife had the brilliant idea to turn this into a dropzone for shoes, parcels, mail, etc. She took to Pinterest to gather ideas, and I turned it into a weekend project. The Project Plan Regrettably, I didn’t capture all the “design” pieces, and only have…

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