LμKOS Virtual Memory Management

This post will detail the design of the Virtual Memory Management subsystem of the LμKOS kernel. You’ll note that this post follows along with the virtual memory manager design doc. That said, let’s begin! First, Some Definitions I’ll be using several terms and acronym in this post that are not necessarily ubiquitous, and want to make sure I define them so it’s easy to understand. Term Acronym Definition Virtual Address VA An address which represents a resource in a computing…

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Kernel Design: Microkernel vs. Monolithic

Motivation This hotly debated topic has been around for decades, and it is just as alive today as it was 28 years ago. The truth is, there are fundamental differences in the theory which drives the design of a monolithic kernel versus a microkernel. In this post, I will extrapolate from my knowledge of various kernel designs to explore what these two primary types are, what their features, benefits, drawbacks and implications may be. I’ll also briefly explore the extension…

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