Raspberry Pi

JTAG On the Cheap with the FTDI FT232R

JTAG 101 What is it? JTAG stands for the Joint Test Action Group, and the TAP or Test Access Port this group defined is one of the most (if not the most) common way to program and debug embedded devices and computers of all flavors. For the professional, JTAG devices are bountiful and usually not too much of a strain on the commercial budget. But for the hobbyist, things aren’t so peachy. A Segger J-Link EDU can be had for…

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SpeedCrunch: the better cross-platform calculator

I often find myself using a calculator in my day job to convert large numbers between base-10 and hexadecimal. Windows’ built-in calculator can do it, but painfully. Linux Mint’s calculator is better, but only marginally so. Enter SpeedCrunch. SpeedCrunch is so incredibly feature-packed, and has such an intuitive interface, that I could hardly believe that it’s a free tool! Working with numbers Using the built-in functions hex and bin, numbers are easily converted into various representations. Very useful for programmers.…

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