I have been very busy with Capstone Design again this semester so I’ve not had any time to myself. However, I have quite a lot to write about!


I am wrapping up my final few classes and getting ready for graduation! This semester I have taken several rather applicable classes to my upcoming work situation. My favorite class has absolutely been Embedded Systems. This class goes from the question What is an embedded system? through What are the considerations when designing an embedded system? all the way to considering individual pieces of embedded systems: peripherals, memory architectures, processor types, and more. This class has piqued my interest in RTOS’s and I will definitely be researching that more as I find time.
I also have been taking a PLCs class, as well a class title Numerical Linear Algebra. That class is all about the algorithms that popular Algebraic systems (like MATLAB) use to solve or approximate the answer to all kinds of problems. 

Other Stuff

All my recent work has been wrapped up in Capstone Design recently. I do however have a post to write (I will post immediately after this one) about how I trained color sensors to recognize discrete colors based on RGB and Clear value feedback.
Thanks for reading!