I’ve been working on a website for a customer for the past month or so that is built on WordPress and WooCommerce. I have decided that I really like the WooCommerce plugins, and highly suggest it for anyone who wants a simple, quick way to take payments on their site.

The WooCommerce plugin makes payments extremely simple, even for the least technically inclined people. For example, a store-owner does not need to worry about credit card information security, SSL certifications or anything. If the store-owner links his/her PayPal account to their bank account, and inputs their PayPal address in the WooCommerce PayPal payment gateway settings, patrons can begin purchasing items through the site immediately! This is a huge plus for SMB (small to medium business) owners who don’t want to have a massive outlay of cash for setting up a storefront. WooCommerce is definitely my top choice for a storefront integration. In fact, I had to make only minimal changes to get the default WooCommerce layout to work with the theme as the customer desired. If you’d like to see the site, go check it out at http://www.hitchinpoststables.net.


UPDATE 03/10/2018

The company has sold all its assets and is now out of business!